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Sweet cheese and raspberry pie

Sweet cheese and raspberry pie

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I mixed the cottage cheese with the sugar, cream, whipped cream, egg yolks and flavors. Then I put the beaten egg whites.

I had made some raspberry jelly from a roll made yesterday.

In a tray in which I put baking paper, I put two sheets of pie, I greased them with melted butter, then I put 2-3 sheets again and I greased them again, until I placed half the amount of sheets of pie.

Over them I put the cheese filling, raspberries and jelly from place to place.

I covered it with the rest of the sheets, which I also greased with butter.

On top I beat an egg, mixed it with cream and a little milk, then I put it over the pie sheets.

I sprinkled brown sugar and put it in the oven at 180 degrees for about an hour.

I sliced ​​it cold and powdered it with sugar.

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