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Thai soup

Thai soup

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Prepare all the ingredients, clean them, wash them, cut the turkey breast or chicken into

smaller pieces. Grate the ginger, chop the hot peppers, cut the green onion into rings,

fry them a little in oil (from the onion only the bottom, we put the green one afterwards),

add the minced meat, turn and fry quickly until it turns white.

Add salt, curry powder, chili powder, slightly chopped mushrooms, onion tails

green, lemon grass (cut in half or beaten, the flavors come out well), milk

coconut and water (I used a 15 l pot for 30 servings).

After boiling, leave for 15 minutes, do not take the foam, it will disappear.

We taste salt. add more chili powder (as desired) and we can serve.

Mmm ..... the guests were delighted.

I wish you: Good appetite!

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