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Chicken stew

Chicken stew

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The chicken was portioned and washed. After draining well, the meat was pan-fried in 30ml oil, for 5 minutes. I drained the meat on the napkins in a bowl.

In the meantime, I cleaned the greens, washed them, drained and chopped them. The oil in which I sautéed the meat was transferred to the pot in which I made the stew. I put it on the heat over which I added finely chopped white onions to give a better taste. When the onion softened I added the chicken. I added enough water to cover the meat, I added salt, pepper and coriander.

When the meat was almost ready I put the chopped greens. I let them "know" each other well ... at the end I put the tomato juice.

Good appetite! Happy Holidays!


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