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Turtle Tower Restaurant: San Francisco, Calif.

Turtle Tower Restaurant: San Francisco, Calif.

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Last week, I consumed a bowl of Chicken Pho at Turtle Tower...three days in a row. Turtle Tower is a favorite go-to restaurant of mine which is the perfect remedy for feeling under the weather, hangovers, and brisk cold days in San Francisco.

Turtle Tower exemplifies the Northern style cuisine of Hanoi in Vietnam, which is characterized by its simplistic dishes. Their signature dish, Pho Ga (#9), is distinguished by their homemade chicken broth taste with wider flat rice noodles and green onion and cilantro. On a good day, I can devour a large bowl by myself. There is a on-going debate on which regional variant of pho is better. Which do you prefer? Most pho connoisseurs are accustomed to Southern style pho which has a more complex broth with ingredients like star anise and cinnamon. This style of pho is served with more garnishes such as bean sprouts, basil leaves, and lime.

If you don’t like noodles or pho, Turtle Tower’s newest location in SOMA has a special dinner menu with items that aren’t featured at the other locations. The imperial rolls are also a great appetizer to start with. Many of their dishes are under $10.00 and very affordable.

If you haven’t paid a visit to your local Turtle Tower (there are three locations), I suggest you do so when you want to indulge in your next pho craving.

SF’s Famous Turtle Tower Restaurant Robbed During the Day, Police Respond 2 Hours Later

Like other struggling restaurants during the COVID-19 pandemic, Turtle Tower is open for contactless service. What was thought to be a customer coming in for a meal resulted in a man who went straight for the tip jar, stole all the cash inside and threatened its owner before running from the scene.

Police were slow to respond, according to its owner Thao Pham. She waited over two hours for an SFPD officer who suggested that she “should have locked the restaurant’s doors.”

“It was very insulting to have to wait so long for any response,” Pham told Hoodline.

The media company said in addition to the “insensitive” attitude the officer showed Pham, “The incident was also not included in the SFPD’s daily summary of crimes provided to the media.”

The restaurant owner recognizes the man as a resident occupying a space in the tent encampment close to the alley by Willow Street.

Nearby the Turtle Tower’s 645 Larkin St. location, is a large homeless problem that Pham is no stranger to. Within the restauranteur’s 20-year career, this is the worst she’s ever seen it.

Pham criticized the lack of care saying, “Where are our resources?”

“There is no accountability or authority [in Tenderloin],” she continued. “I want to be a part of this community and come out of this on the other side, but it is so, so hard. There needs to be a change.”

NextShark reached out to the SFPD where Officer Robert Rueca released the following statement:

“On 5/19/20 at approximately 1:24 PM a victim called to report a theft which occurred at a restaurant located on the 600 block of Larkin Street. At approximately 3:28 PM officers arrived on scene and met with the victim that stated a male subject entered the restaurant and stole cash out of the tip jar and fled the scene. An article about this incident reported this incident as a robbery. The information given to us was that this was a petty theft and not a robbery. The determination as a reported theft classified this incident as a ‘B priority’ call rather than an ‘A priority’ call that changes our response to a non-emergency. Tenderloin Police Station is following up on the incident and will update us on any significant developments with the investigation.”

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Lanxang Kingdom Lao-only Thursday pop-up at Turtle Tower ending in two weeks. [San Francisco]

Lanxang Kingdom, the Thursday-only pop-up which Turtle Tower has been hosting since late March, recently posted this announcement on its Facebook page:

"We regret to inform our loyal customers that our contract at Turtle Tower will terminate at the end of June. Our last day will be Thursday June 25th. We are looking for other opportunities and venue. Please stay tuned. Thank you for your all of your support."

According to Vinya Sysamouth, the force behind LK, they are currently looking for any kind of situation, from another pop-up to a full-time restaurant (location and resources permitting). They have a well-developed menu and trained chefs and are ready to go at the drop of a hat. (Owen Van Natta, are you listening?)

I've been to lunch on at least half of the Thursdays they've been operating, and have been impressed by both the Lao-or-bust menu and its execution.

In the meantime, you can check them out on the next two Thursdays. They are open for lunch AND dinner.

Turtle Tower Restaurant

Good Pho Ya! – A friend of mine took me here 4 years ago and I've been going back ever since. Although it's a lot more well-known(busy..put your name on the list) and the price as gradually increased the quality of food remains the same and that is delicious!

I usually stick with the #9 and imperial rolls, which are delicate and delicious, most other pho spots prepare theres a bit more on the greasy side, not here, no way.

The soup hits the spot in and of itself, especially after a squeeze of lemon,a couple jalapenos, a squirt of saracha a dollop of fish sauce and a dash of pepper..nothin wrong with customizing things to your liking, my boyfriend is big on adding fried eggs to his :? go figure :) Either way don't be detered by the neighborhood it's got character!

Another over rated yelp find. – I walk in and am seated. Something smelled spoiled, literally. Someone handed me a menu and two minutes later a lady with a frown on her face asks me what I want, I'm still obviously looking at the menu. I say Ok because I actually can read and talk at the same time. I order large Chicken noodle Pho WITHOUT chicken intestines for $6.95. I ask for an imperial roll, frowny lady asks me if I want order or one piece. She shows me that I can either get a full order of three Imperial rolls for $7.95 or I can get them individually for $2.15, really a no brainer. Also I ordered a Saigon export beer for $3.50.

First I taste the Pho, I never season my food until I've tasted it, and it's bland. The chicken is rubbery and full of gristle. They bring it with a little tray with sliced Jalapeno's and a lemon wedge. I squeeze the whole lemon wedge into it throw all the peppers in and a healthy squirt of hot sauce for good measure. After stirring it for a bit it turned out pretty good but I feel like I did more to make that soup than they did.

Then there's the Imperial roll, it was the smallest one I'd ever seen. It was about the size of a Farmer John's breakfast sausage after it's cooked, a rip off even at $2.15.

The beer was different, much maltier than the typical Asian lager.

Ski – Several things to beware of at this place:

1) Don't order the steamed chicken rice plate because they RIP YOU OFF!! The steamed chicken in my boyfriend's order was a small chicken wing and the carcass/back part of the chicken which was mostly bones, skin and a thin layer of meat. My guess is they used all the meat from the breast and legs for their famous chicken pho and hence created the steamed chicken rice plate as a way to dispose of the rest of their chicken. I hope this review can save someone out there from being ripped off like I did. I paid $6.25 for freaking chicken bones!

2) I like their chicken pho, but didn't like that they secretly added $1 to my bill when I asked for a little more soup in my pho. This means my "small" pho plus the extra charge for the soup ended up costing me more than a LARGE pho. Again, RIP OFF!! My guess is, the large pho they offer is no more than presentation in a larger bowl and a few more spoonfuls of soup!

Now, having said those above, I do like the chicken pho at this place, so I give it the 3 stars. I just hope my review will prevent other people from being taken advantage of by this establishment. Turtle Tower had just lost many returns from this customer. Hope that extra $1 is worth it to them. And maybe one day, they can learn to dispose of chicken bones in the trash, and not to their customers!

Best pho evvvverrrrrrr! – This is def. my favorite rest. in the city. actually anywhere. They are only open during the later half of the day so try to get there during their hours of operation. Sometimes there is a line outside on the weekends (its that good). so get dropped off and get a number as your friend looks for parking

Chicken noodle soup is the best I've ever had. broth is super tasty :)

Great Pho! – I spent 1 month in vietnam, the pho at this place as great broth and fresh noodles. Breats 99% of the places I visited in vietnam.

Editorial Review by Joanna Currier – Serving Northern Vietnamese pho (noodles), rice plates, imperial rolls and other inexpensive specialties, this no-frills restaurant anchors Little Saigon's northwest corner.

Yummy chicken pho – I remember stumbling on this place 4 years ago when it first opened before anyone knew of it. It was an empty place as I sat there eating what will become SF's favorite and most popular pho places around. An earthquake occurred, making a loud boom startling me and the restaurant owner. We stopped for 3 seconds, stared at each other, waiting. nothing else happened. We continued on, me eating, she cleaning. The pho is that good! The broth is yummy, the chicken soft and moist, the noodles never clumped together like they say. Today this place and the new one on Geary Street are always packed with a waiting list for one reason. it still serves the best pho in town!

Best Chicken Pho (soup) around! – This place has the best chicken pho I have had. not loaded down with salt, instead they rely on the flavors of the chicken and spices to give it a delicately delicious taste.

I highly recommend this place. but be warned, busy for lunch during the week, closed Tuesdays and they close at 730 nightly.

Great chicken noodle soup! – popular dish here is the chicken noodle soup. broth is not MSG and the noodles are so fresh. good place to eat on a cold San Francisco day.

The most authentic Hanoi style pho! – Here is a true style of pho from the city of Hanoi in Vietnam. Turtle Tower helps bring back the authenticness of pho, which orginated in Hanoi. They preserve the quality and the ingredients, which make pho taste so great as it does at Turtle Tower Restaurant. They do not give out bean spouts or basils because the vegetables alter the pureness of the broth (which is the best part of pho). Additionally, vegetables cool down the temperature of the pho (which defeats the purpose of having a hot bowl of soup to sip on). Try it out. if you don't like it, you don't have to come back. But if you don't try it, you won't know if it is good or not! IT MIGHT JUST BE THE BEST YOU WILL EVER HAVE!

I can eat this EVERYDAY. – Turtle Tower's chicken pho is the best in town. The owner explained to me that she uses only fresh chicken that has never been frozen, freshly made noodles and vegetables. The chicken is tender and so flavorful without much fat underneath the skin, but still chewy and does not fall apart. The soup is perfect for cold or hot weather because its so light. The temperature of the soup is just hot enough for you to dive in, and the noodles do not clump. The taste is subtle and fresh, unlike most pho places that puts too much spices. Everytime I go out of town, this is the first thing I eat when I get back! If you don't believe me, just ask the room full of vietnamese customers that eat there regularly.

Best Soup in the City – The soup in both the chicken and beef pho are by far the best soup broth you'll get anywhere in the city.

atmosphere lacks, but the food is SO GOOD.

This is not pho!! – I can't believe what the other people here are saying about this place. The Pho they serve here cannot and should not be classified as "PHO" It did not come with pho noodles and broth didn't even taste like pho. The fragrent of pho should be a combination of beef stock, anise, and fired onions. Pho should be accompanied with fresh basil and bean sprouts and condiments should include Hoisin sauce. This place had none of the above! I don't care what you call it, Northern or Southern, this is not pho.

Turtle Tower is wonderful. – I've read others talk about their preferences for Northern and Southern styles of Pho but they each have their virtues. TT is probably the best example of Northern. The ingredients are of the highest quality, beef so fresh it falls apart in the bowl and melts in your mouth.

I was used to the more savory/spicy southern style so the first time at TT, I loaded up on hotsauce. I also wanted beef ball. Northern pho seems to lack this Southern staple but the rare beef is more than satisfying. I don't use much sauce now that my palette has adjusted to the subtle northern flavors. Give it a squeeze or two and try to appreciate the subtlety.

Everything on the menu is superb. The coffee might be some of the best I've had. The food is cheap and outstanding. Frequent customers get better service because they'll remember you.

Just what the doctor ordered! – Turtle Tower is a rare combination of great pho made from fresh ingredients, served in a nice, clean atmosphere at extremely reasonable prices. The service is great and the owner is very helpful in offering advice to novices. Their pho is the perfect cure for a foggy or rainy day.

Get #5 or #8! – #5 - great stir fried meet mixed with excellent pho broth and rice noodles.

#8 - for something tangier go for this. Slight hint of tomato in the broth but I don't believe they use any.

Both excellent choices, from an excellent restaurant. My new favorite place for Pho.

During the coronavirus crisis, Monster Pho has distinguished itself in the way it has given back to the community — giving away thousands of bowls of free pho, among other philanthropic-minded initiatives. But even before that, the restaurant — along with its sister location in Emeryville — had already cultivated a following for its solid, aromatic beef pho, notable for its broth’s notes of warm spice.

Arguably Oakland’s most reliably delicious pho spot, this friendly, family-run restaurant serves one of the richest, most flavorful bowls in the area — all the more so if you doctor up the broth with some nuoc beo, or rendered beef fat with scallions, available by request on the side. (If you know, you know.)


Tourists come from all over the country to try Charles Phan&rsquos modern Vietnamese creations. And while you can&rsquot go wrong with anything on the menu, this dish has a special place in the hearts of locals. Simple, satisfying, delicious.

Ferry Building Marketplace, 1 Ferry Building #3 415-861-8032 or

We'll Be Back Soon!

When we can re-open, we will be ready with our new outdoor dining area! We can't wait to see you.

Fog City News

If you know. yes you know. Best deviled eggs around! Bold statement.. whos are better.

Buckets of fried chicken. Yes please.

This Bar is waiting for you!! Fog City misses you!

Who misses Fog City Truffle Fries.

See you in the Spring! We are going into Hibernation for the winter

The Big GF: 50 Downright Delicious Gluten-Free Eats in San Francisco

Please note that only a few of the following 50 restaurants and shops are entirely sans gluten, but most know how to help you mine the menu for the safe stuff (and many will go out of their way to avoid potential cross-contamination). Menus and recipes change frequently and not all ingredients are listed, so be sure to tell your server you're gluten-free and confirm your selections are safe before ordering.

Octavia's deviled egg. (Aubrie Pick)

1601 Bar & Kitchen's egg hopper. (Courtesy of

Kara's GF vanilla cupcakes. (Courtesy of Kara's Cupcakes)

Mariposa's steak sandwich. (Courtesy of Mariposa Baking)

Seed + Salt's S+S Burger. (Courtesy of Seed + Salt)

Pica Pica's arepas. (Courtesy of Pica Pica)

Srsly's sourdough bread. (Courtesy of Bread Srsly)

1. Tea Leaf Salad @ Burma Superstar, 309 Clement St.,

2. Tuna Poke @ Liholiho Yacht Club, 871 Sutter St.,

3. Pork & Shrimp Imperial Rolls @ Out the Door, 1 Ferry Building,

4. Chicken Hash with Eggs (hold the toast) @ Ella's, 500 Presidio Ave.,

5. S+S Beet Burger @ Seed + Salt, 2240 Chestnut St.,

6. Pancakes @ Little Gem, 400 Grove St,

7. Rotisserie Chicken @ Nopa, 560 Divisadero St.,

8. Tuna Sashimi @ Foreign Cinema, 2534 Mission St.,

9. Grilled Monterey Bay Calamari @ Delfina, 3621 18th St.,

10. Fried Chicken (w/ cornbread) @ Firefly, 4288 24th St.,

11. Octapodaki tou Yiorgou (grilled octopus) @ Kokkari, 200 Jackson St.,

12. Spicy Mung Masala Dosa @ Dosa on Fillmore, 1700 Fillmore St.,

13. Smoked Mount Lassen Trout @ Alta SF, 1420 Market St.,

14. Mussels Marinière @ Chez Maman, 1401 18th St.,

15. Fried Calamari @ Scoma's, 1965 Al Scoma Way,

16. Any Sandwich @ Mariposa, 1 Ferry Building Plaza,

17. Josey Baker's Adventure Bread @ The Mill, 736 Divisadero St.,

18. Falafel Bowl (sans pita) @ Sababa, 329 Kearney St.,

19. Pizza! (Ask for GF crust) @ Tony's Pizza Napoletana, 1570 Stockton St.,

20. Prime Rib @ House of Prime Rib, 1906 Van Ness Ave.,

21. Chilaquiles @ Tacolicious, multiple locations,

22. Native Salad @ Native Juice Co, 168 Sutter St.,

23. Eggs Benedict "Pierre Noir" on GF bread @ Zazie, 941 Cole St,

24. Tamal de Acelgas Veracruzano @ Nopalito, multiple locations,

25. Caesar Salad (hold the croutons) @ Zuni, 1658 Market St.,

26. Roasted Sunchoke Soup @ SPQR, 1911 Fillmore St.,

27. Deviled Egg @ Octavia, 1701 Octavia St.,

28. Black Sesame & Sonoma Honey Ice cream on a GF Cone @ Bi-Rite Creamery, 3692 18th St.,

29. Squid Ink Risotto @ Acquerello, 1722 Sacramento St.,

30. Cassoulet @ Monsieur Benjamin, 451 Gough St.,

31. Verduras a la Catalana @ Coqueta, Pier 5, The Embarcadero,

32. Wood Oven Roasted Crushed Red Potato @ Boulevard, 1 Mission St.,

33. Rice Noodle With Shrimp (ask for GF soy sauce) @ Yank Sing, multiple locations,

34. Traditional Egg Hopper, 1601 Bar & Kitchen, 1601 Howard St.,

35. Seafood Cioppino (hold the garlic bread), Tadich Grill, 240 California St.,

36. Butterscotch and Chocolate Pot de Crème @ Town Hall, 342 Howard St.,

37. Hand-Picked Dungeness Crab Salad @ One Market Restaurant, 1 Market St.,

38. Raw Bar (ask for GF bread) @ Swan Oyster Depot, 1517 Polk St.,

39. Arepas @ Pica Pica Maize Kitchen, 401 Valencia St.,

40. Pho Ga @ Turtle Tower, 5716 Geary Blvd,

41. GF Vanilla Cupcake @ Kara's Cupcakes, 3249 Scott St.,

42. St. Louis Cut Ribs @ Cat's Head BBQ, 1665 Folsom St.,

43. Grilled Cheese on GF Bread @ The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen, 799 Battery St.,

44. Pad Thai @ Marnee Thai, 1243 9th Ave.,

45. Grilled Grass-Fed Lamb Chops @ Kitchen Istanbul, 349 Clement St.,

46. Honey Butter Toast on GF Bread @ Samovar Tea Lounge, 411 Valencia St.,

47. Bread SRSLY Sourdough @ Bi-Rate Market, 550 Divisadero St.,

48. Nana Joes Ocean Beach Granola Bar @ Rainbow Grocery, 1745 Folsom St.,

49. Black Rice Pudding @ Kin Khao, 55 Cyril Magnin St.,

50. Pumpkin Curry @ Osha Thai, 686 Geary St.,

About the author: San Francisco native and sourdough lover Erika Lenkert is the founding editor of San Francisco's only national food magazine, GFF: Gluten-Free Forever. A longtime food critic and cookbook author, she had to go GF 17 years ago and continues to eat very, very well.

Polarizing Chef Jeremiah Tower On Restaurant Cooking, Alice Waters, and His New Book Flavors of Taste

The godfather of California cuisine spoke exclusively to T&C following his sold-out appearances at Pebble Beach Food & Wine.

Few figures in culinary history have been as polarizing as Jeremiah Tower. The self-taught culinary genius hit the food scene in 1972 when he joined Alice Waters at her fledgling Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California, otherwise known as &ldquoground zero&rdquo of the farm-to-table movement. Though the partnership only lasted five years, it was Tower&rsquos visionary menus in part that put the now-fabled restaurant on the map.

It was this same vision, and innate talent, that led Tower to open his iconic San Francisco restaurant, Stars, in 1984. Over the course of its 15 years, Stars&mdashand Tower&mdashnurtured the careers of some of today&rsquos top chefs including Mario Batali and Dominique Crenn.

Between 2000 and 2014, Tower&rsquos mystique simmered. After closing Stars, he moved from San Francisco to the Philippines, then to the Hudson Valley in New York, and next to Italy before finally landing in Mérida, Mexico, where he&rsquos lived for the last decade. There he&rsquos enjoyed cooking with an abundance of fresh ingredients, house flipping and day-long scuba diving trips. But, with the release of 2016&rsquos Anthony Bourdain-backed documentary film, The Last Magnificent, Tower&rsquos career has once again reached a rolling boil.

The thing that I deplore at the moment is the state of restaurant cooking. &mdashJeremiah Tower

While the James Beard Award-winning chef and former restauranteur is, arguably, to California cuisine what Shakespeare is to English prose, like Hamlet or King Lear, Tower has often been considered an acquired taste. And like 14th century dramatist, Tower is himself a master storyteller.

T&C caught up with the renowned chef at this year&rsquos Pebble Beach Food & Wine festival to talk about, among other things, his ties to San Francisco, the lack of creativity in restaurant cooking, the reported &ldquobeef&rdquo with Alice Waters, and some of his current projects, including a tasty new book.

Mérida, Mexico is a difficult place to leave &ndash but you returned to California to participate in the 11th annual Pebble Beach Food & Wine festival. Was it a hard sell?

I missed it last year &ndash I was going to do it with Mario Batali, Mark Gaier and a few other people who had cooked together over the years, but things fell through. So, this year I cooked a dinner with Mark [Gaier] and Clark Frasier who used to work together at Stars &ndash and who, since then, opened their restaurant Arrows in Maine, and a few others. It was a lot of fun. I also gave a cooking demo the day before.

Do you come back to California&mdashor San Francisco, in particular&mdashoften?

No, not very. I like to go back to San Francisco once or twice a year to see friends and to eat at Zuni Café&ndash which I love. A glass of champagne at the bar is always a must. I was last there for a day about a year ago, for a preview screening of The Last Magnificent. I sat with Denise Hale and watched the movie.

No matter how much San Francisco changes, Denise Hale remains a definite constant!

Denise is unstoppable, as is Cecilia Chiang. I was also there for Cecilia&rsquos 90th birthday a few years back. They&rsquore two amazing, unstoppable women.

Would you ever consider moving back to San Francisco?

I don&rsquot think so. I love San Francisco, but I did that. It&rsquos a wonderful city&ndashI lived there for so long. There are other places I want to live. In fact, I&rsquom thinking much more about Dakar in Senegal or Seville in Spain. I looked at the markets in Seville last year and was just blown away &ndash I might go back there for a year.

The culinary landscape of the Bay Area has certainly changed a lot since the days of Stars. Did you hear Nobu Matsuhisa opened a Nobu in Palo Alto? They even serve French toast and blueberry pancakes for breakfast.

Good God! No, I didn&rsquot know that.

Pancakes aside, what are your thoughts about the current culinary landscape?

The thing that I deplore at the moment is the state of restaurant cooking. All around the United States everyone is doing the exact same thing. It&rsquos like there is a list of "chic" ingredients everyone is told they have to use, and the plate presentations look exactly the same, because they&rsquore all trying to get a Michelin star. Chefs should believe more in themselves and do what the they want to do. It&rsquos not just California&mdashright now if you&rsquore in Sydney, London or New York, the plates all look the same and I think that&rsquos really boring.

What isn&rsquot boring is the work you&rsquove started with the Oxford Cultural Collective within Oxford Brookes University &ndash in fact earlier this year you were appointed Patron.

Yes, I just started with them we had our first executive meeting. I just got back a few weeks ago. We&rsquore off to a roaring start working on some projects in Ireland and hooking up with the Basque Culinary Center in Spain. It&rsquos a very exciting organization because of the people involved&mdashJessica Harris, Ken Hom, and Madhur Jaffrey among others.

The world&rsquos seen a lot more of you since The Last Magnificent debuted in 2016. What was that experience like. and working with Anthony Bourdain?

It was a complete shock to me. I never thought anyone would want to make a film about me. But, I mean if the Iranian government couldn&rsquot say no to Tony, how could I? And Lydia Tenaglia, the amazing director! She&rsquos the one who makes all of Tony&rsquos films at Zero Point Zero Productions. Lydia&rsquos motto is "never give up," so between the two of them, I was cooked!

The film focused quite a bit on your time with Alice Waters at Chez Panisse, which seemed to reignite conversations about a supposed feud between the two of you. Why do you think that is?

There hasn&rsquot been a feud in years&mdashif there ever was one. Nobody wants to write about peace, you know. I mean, CNN is proof that war gets far more coverage than peace. If there&rsquos nothing happening, then what is there to write about? So let them invent something.

Maybe what we need is another FX series from Ryan Murphy along the lines of Feud: Bette and Joan, but this time set in 1970s Berkeley?

Oh God! I wish it was that exciting.

While that series might be far-fetched, you gave T&C a first look into an exciting new project that&rsquos just hit the shelves, so to speak.

Yes, I have a new cookbook just released on Amazon &ndash it&rsquos an e-book called Jeremiah Tower&rsquos Flavors of Taste: Recipes, Memories & Menus. I got fed up with publishers, and along with author Kit Wohl and photographer Sam Hanna, we wanted to see how difficult or easy it really was to do. The book is about ingredients &ndash about how to treat them, my favorite ways that they&rsquove been used in the last hundred years, and how they&rsquove shown up in legendary menus. It includes favorite recipes and memories, both old and new. And there&rsquos every meaning of the word &lsquotaste&rsquo involved in the book!

While some of the recipes and stories come from past books, including your 1986 best-selling New American Classics, others have never been published before &ndash including a story your grandfather told you, involving a menu from the Titanic, dinner on the Carpathia, and French chef Auguste Escoffier. Was this all true, or did you add a few additional ingredients for taste?

My grandfather gave me his white kid gloves that he used when presented at the Court of St. James in London and told me the story of the Carpathia. It was either he or a friend on the Carpathia, and he and his brother who dined at the Ritz Carlton in London in Escoffier&rsquos dining room. I knew of all this and other accounts, so [I] put it all together into a story based on true events but re-ordered.

Turtle Tower Restaurant: San Francisco, Calif. - Recipes

Welcome to Swan Oyster Depot
$ Seafood

"Seafood heaven! This place is amazing! My boyfriend and I shared a combo salad that had crab, prawns, and shrimp on a bed of lettuce with a Louis dressing. This was very delicious and can be very filling! We also had the assortment of dozen oysters. There were all delicious as well. They also gave us complimentary bread as we sat down. "

"Hill, Swan Oyster Depot is larger than life and arguably, the best seafood restaurant in San Francisco. For locals, this is an institution that epitomizes the best of San Francisco. For tourists, it's a required visit as part of one's itinerary. "

"Swan Oyster Depot is a GEM! I would be there every day if I could. I just can not believe this was my first time there. I will be back! I had the pleasure to visit this awesome place with my brother and his GF and yes, we had to wait line . which was expected. with only counter dining.. it was ALL worth it.."

We have moved to a new, catchy domain SwanOysterDepot.US to emphasize our USA nature

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